As a child, death served as a shadowy fog that weighed heavy on my young mind. I had a heightened sense of mortality and impermanence from a young age. It haunted me the most in the most secure space, my own home. I dwelled on the potential that the very worst things awaited me in spaces of the unknown. Veils of all different forms created these places of uncertainty: curtains, closet doors, windows, shadows. This mystery provided for a perfect environment for me to prophesize bleak endings.

In this series I recreate a sensation of disquiet utilizing my fearful memory of spaces in my childhood homes. Dialogue between mental space and physical space is inescapable; it is inevitable that we are emotionally and psychologically affected by our physical surroundings. In these images I photographically translate the dialogue between the dark mental space, and the domestic physical space to create a mutual experience and understanding.

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