In Solitary Bloom I produced self-portraits that are out of focus or otherwise disrupted by the foreground, in order to display the change and growth I experienced in a years time, that which had ultimately driven me away from some of my closest friends. When I began I wanted to take portraits that had been interrupted, attempting to emphasize the human form, rather than flaunting a detailed construction of it. I photographed my friends, but somehow the images felt empty. After photographing self-portraits to wrap up the series, I came to the realization that I was projecting my personal feelings on to my models. The absence of myself in the project is what had made it so empty. In that year's time I had been more alone than ever before, alone, not lonely. My thoughts and ideas kept me company, and allowed for drastic change and growth. However it was these changes that made me feel impossibly distant from the people closest to me. It felt that they could no longer see me, but rather the figure of who I used to be.

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